HARC Baseline Survey 2020

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HARC Baseline Survey 2020

Navigating a context of social exclusion and political marginalization, female sex workers (FSW) in Bangladesh face daily threats to their personal and collective safety. Legally marginalized and socially stigmatized, FSWs suffer precarious social protection, economic insecurity, and are targeted with physical, sexual, and emotional violence by police, managers, clients, and intimate partners. In an effort to understand the nature of the violence FSWs face and identify anti-violence strategies, HIV/AIDS Welfare and Resource Centre (HARC) conducted a community assessment of FSWs living and working in Bangladesh. Using key informant interviews, focus group discussions, and surveys, this baseline study captures key characteristics of the violence and victimization FSWs in Bangladesh face in their daily lives and across lifespans. 

Download the report for details on the baseline survey by HARC.

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